Giving great ideas legs to run on . . . by curating knowledge and great practice for the front-line of ministry
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Ministry Workers Helping Ministry Workers in Canada

Peer learning is one of the most under-utilized forms of learning in organizations today.         

Ambrose @ Large is an initiative of Ambrose Seminary, which is dedicated to providing a platform that connects front-line ministry leaders to one another in order to encourage and inspire more effective ministry and mission across Canada.


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The Volunteer Project

Share the insights, tools and resources that you've discovered and used in tackling the challenge of enlisting, equipping and encouraging ministry volunteers.  These contributions will be curated into a easy to access tool kit for staff and ministry leaders in Canada.  Give your own great ideas legs to run on by helping others with what you know and what you do on this vital front of church ministry.

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Quick Survey Question
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When it comes to volunteer enlistment and equipping in our ministry context, we have a plan, system and culture for doing this very well.

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