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2018 Downey Lectures with Dr. Sarah Coakley

  • AMBROSE UNIVERSITY 150 Ambrose Circle SW Calgary Canada (map)

Re-Thinking Sin and Redemption in a Disordered World:  Desire and Its Transformations

Ambrose University is proud to host two evening lectures with Dr. Sarah Coakley

October 17 at 7:30pm 
Lecture 1:  'Sin and Desire:  Reconsidering the Mystery of the Fall'

October 18 at 7:30pm 
Lecture 2: 'Desire and its Transformations:  Contemplative Darkness Overcomes the Darkness of Sin'

In these two lectures Sarah Coakley presents some of the material from her forthcoming second volume of systematics, and continues her examination of the theological valencies of human desire. Starting with a fresh consideration of the meanings of Genesis 3, she unfolds an argument for the irreducible significance of contemplative practice in understanding and confronting the dark forces of sin, sexism and racism present in the contemporary 'commodifications of desire'. 

About our speaker

Prof. Sarah Coakley took up her current appointment at Norris-Hulse Professor of Divinity at Cambridge in 2007. She received her first degree in Theology at Cambridge, before doing initial graduate work at Harvard (as a Harkness Fellow), and her doctoral work at Cambridge on the Christology of Ernst Troeltsch. Appointed to her first position at the University of Lancaster while still writing her doctorate, she later taught at Oriel College, Oxford (in Theology and Philosophy of Religion), and at Harvard Divinity School, where she was Edward Mallinckrodt, Jr., Professor of Divinity, 1995-2007.   Prof. Coakley teaches modern and contemporary Philosophy of Religion in the faculty, and has an interest in combining both analytic and continental traditions in her own research, whilst also charting the connections with feminist philosophy. She is currently particularly interested in religious epistemology and in what challenges are brought to it by contemplative and ‘apophatic’ traditions of thought, both East and West. In 2012 she gave the Aberdeen Gifford Lectures on evolutionary cooperation and its proposed relation to ethics and apologetics; and more recently she has been working on the second and third volumes of her systematic theology (on sin, racism, and redemption).

About the Downey Lectures

The Downey Endowment at Ambrose University funds an annual lectureship and assists future M.Div. students. The endowment and lecture series commemorates Murray W. Downey, a founding member of the faculty of Canadian Bible College.

The Downey Lectureship is a free and public event. No registration is required.