Engaging Neighborhoods

Harvey Matchullis of Encompass Partnerships in Calgary presents here a resource that is designed to help you develop a more engaged posture in your neighborhood.

The greatest and most intimate opportunity we have to demonstrate the gospel is in our own communities and neighbourhoods.

We all live in a ‘hood’.  A neighbourhood is both geographically localised (EG: Royal Oak in Calgary) but it is also social communities with considerable face-to-face interaction among members (EG: Clubs & Associations). 

When we choose a more integrated posture within our neighbourhoods, we are in position to contribute to the restoration of individual lives and even societies.  The Good News and the power of Jesus flow through us when we are in active relationship with our ‘neighbours’. 

Encompass Partnerships and SIM Canada has collaborated to guide your church or small community of Christ followers to develop a more engaged posture in your neighbourhood. Through a series of four seminars delivered weekly or in a full day format, we will guide your group to consider and act on the following content:

  • The Gospel is much more than truth about sin and forgiveness. It is a way of life and living that God designed for the world.
  • Jesus calls us to live lifestyles of true hospitality, welcome, and simplicity. These are key pathways for the Gospel that reorients our ways of living.
  • We'll introduce key community organizing principles and ideas to kick-start your neighbourhood engagement actions.
  • Break out of the Christian bubble! Christians can work together with people of another or no faith background to make a better neighbourhood!  In so doing, the Gospel is demonstrated as effective, practical and transformative. 
  • Asset Mapping: a simple process to help you discover the true resources and needs of your community.
  • We’ll broaden our definition of poverty and other human needs, all of which God wants us to address in Jesus’ name.

For more information about Engaging Neighbourhoods and to organize training for your church or Christian community, please contact:

This isn’t a program.  You won’t get that if you choose to attend.  It’s a call to a way of life.

Harvey Matchullis is the Executive Director of Encompass Partnerships in Calgary, AB