Have you ever wondered about the amount of information, expertise, experience, knowledge, and great practice that remains hidden in the world of ministry these days. Right now you are probably wrestling with an issue, a barrier, or a thorny challenge that someone, somewhere has already wrestled with.

THE NAGGING QUESTION IS: How are we to know?

ambrose@large is a service of Ambrose Seminary that will hopefully uncover and unlock the perspectives and practices that are already at work in our Canadian ministry world . . . but simply hard to find.

In the simplest of terms we hope ambrose@large will be a gift to inform, encourage, and hopefully inspire us all in our ministry work throughout Canada.

Our Mission

So this is our attempt to do the work of curating vital knowledge and good practice for the benefit of pastors and church leaders across Canada. It sounds daunting but we are going to make a “college try” at creating a commons for sharing our best learning across the land . . .

The approach will be simple:

  1. On a consistent basis we will post a ministry resource and a post on a ministry challenge or effective practice that has been discovered in the real world of ministry.
  2. These will be written by us . . . AND you! After all, wisdom and learning is wonderfully dispersed and we see our role as simply giving this wisdom and experience a channel for delivery - right to you and your team.
  3. Content will be generated from the commons, from where we live and serve as faculty at Ambrose AND from where you live and serve on the front line of Canadian mission and ministry. Therefore, we invite your contribution as issues and challenges surface.
  4. Obviously you and your team can do with the ministry resources and posts as you please. File them for later use, place them in your next team meeting, share them with your network, post them on your own web site, or make them a part of your own personal and professional development file.

What Are You Working On?

If you have an issue or challenge that you have been working on and you know it would benefit others and you are willing to submit content you will be able to do this through ambrose@large.

What Do We Need To Work On Together?

If you have a nagging issue, a puzzling challenge, or a ministry dilemma that you sense needs some dedicated curation work you can submit this conundrum to ambrose@large and we will put it out to the commons for input and contribution.

Here Are Some Things We Are Working On: For Upcoming Posts

  • Shaping A “Rule of Life” Appropriate To Your Calling
  • The Best Questions for Coaching Leaders
  • The Meeting Factor - Three Keys to Great Meetings
  • Getting On The Balcony - The Key to Navigating A Crazy World
  • How To Give Feedback Without Making Things Worse
  • What We Are Learning About Missional Communities?
  • What Is A Discipleship Culture

The smartest people in the world do not work for you.
— Bill Joy, Silicon Valley Visionary