Our Team

Though it takes an army for a project like this, these are a few of our captains.


Terry Young

Ambrose@Large is the materialization of Terry's vision to use technology to bridge the gap between the classroom and the front-lines of ministry. Terry is an alumni of Ambrose's predecessor, Canadian Bible College and earned his PhD at Gonzaga University School of Leadership. He is a regular contributor and the original curator for Ambrose@Large.


Jo-Ann Badley

As Dean of Theology at Ambrose Seminary, Jo-Ann has been instrumental in making Ambrose@Large a reality, collaborating on strategy, vision and implementation. Jo-Ann teaches New Testament and Hermeneutics at Ambrose and is a member of the Society of Biblical Literature.


Mark Buchanan

Mark is an Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology at Ambrose Seminary. He is a regular contributor to Leadership Journal, Seven Magazine and now Ambrose@Large.


Lee Umbach

Working in Church Relations with Ambrose, Lee spends a lot of time on the front lines. As a result, he is the human connector for Ambrose@Large.