Ambrose@Large at Work

Our initial focus is on creating and curating, connecting and collaborating content for two-way learning. Beyond written and sourced resources, we hope to provide extended learning opportunities both on campus and online. Finally we are working to establish a Chaplaincy Program that serves the greater community of Calgary.

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Creating and Curating

As we establish Ambrose@Large, we will rely heavily on contributors from within. Watch for articles and tools from Terry Young, Jo-Anne Badley, Gordon Smith and more, coming from our interactions and communion with those working in our communities and networks.


Connecting and Collaborating

We are actively seeking out opportunities to hear from you. We are reaching out to our existing ministry relationships to see what front-line challenges need to be addressed. What approach has worked for you? What tools have you relied on to help?


Extending Learning

We are working to create extended learning opportunities for those already working in ministry. This will take the form of seminars, modular and online courses, webinars and lecture series.