Cultivating Heart

Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership

Ambrose@Large Recommended Read

“For those of us who lead, there are many fine books to hone ours skills,  But too few excavate our souls. Too few tell us stark truths, and serve up strong tonic, and give us hope and courage in the face of our calling’s hardships and loneliness and moments of sheer tedium . . . This book does all of that.”   

Mark Buchanan – Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology, Ambrose University, and author of The Rest of God

Crafting a Rule of Life

Ambrose@Large Recommended Reading

How is it possible to craft a rule of life out of the raw material of our lives?  Steve Macchia has created a practical guide and contemporary approach to St. Benedict’s Rule.  At the core, is a way of learning to listen in faith filled environments where followers of Christ can engage in the practice of prayer, healthier relationships, and grace-filled good works.

Every one is in need of crafting a rule of life in keeping with their place and vocation.  This is a great guide for this crafting work.

Building Below the Waterline

Building Below the Waterline
By Hendrickson Publishing

Ambrose@Large Recommended Read

If you are looking for battle worn lessons on building a strong foundation for your leadership then Building Below The Waterline is a worthy companion.  Gordon MacDonald takes us on a careful journey through the interior processes and characteristics needed to lead others effectively. This book is not just for pastors. It is a powerful life resource for anyone who longs to honour God's call upon their life.


The Rest of God

The Rest Of God
By Mark Buchanan

Ambrose@Large Recommended Read

In our world of faster and more and not enough time we have been given a gift.  Mark Buchanan frames it as The Rest of God or the blessed gift of Sabbath - the essential to full humanity whereby enriched friendships, greater fruitfulness, and deeper joy is discovered through a God given rhythm of rest and work.  Our world is in desperate need of The Rest of God.